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10 Reasons to choose Baildon Chiropractic?


Alan Binns DC has more than 8 years' clinical experience in a variety of settings and locations around the UK.



2. Fully Licensed

He is fully licensed, insured and registered with the relevant institutions.



3. Complete Patient Focus

The Baildon Chiropractic business model allows for complete patient focus, guaranteed same day appointments and immediate follow up to patient inquiries.



4. Availability

Appointments are available throughout the day to fit around the patient's schedule.



5. Evidence Based Medicine

Alan practices evidence based medicine and delivers care based on experience, clinical rationale and current research.




6. Strong Network of Professionals

Alan has a strong network of other professionals for referral for the best available care if needs be.



7. Up To Date Knowledge

Alan is up to date and proficient in reading and interpreting X-rays, MRIs, diagnostic ultra-sound scans and other such imaging modalities.



8. No Sales Pitch

There is no sales pitch or expensive care plans.



9. Affordable

It is affordable and concessions are available.




Is easily accessible from Bradford, Guiseley, Ilkley, Otley, Shipey, Idle, Keighley, Saltaire, Bingley, Rawdon, Yeadon, Eldwick and the surrounding area.



'By working from home my overheads are low and I don't need to convince vast numbers of patients about the benefit of my care. That way, I can give my time and focus to my patients. When I'm rushed off my feet, I lose that attention to detail.'


'Furthermore, I have more availability and can guarantee to see a patient on the same day and schedule longer appointments if needs be.'


'Working from home has freed me up to do more research both within my field, but also on the individual needs of the my patients'

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