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 Price list

Due to the ongoing inflation levels we will raising our prices from the 14th September 2023 to:

£40 per half hour treatment 

£40 for a half hour stand alone assessment

£65 for a one hour assessment and treatment

£15 for GP or consultant letters

X-ray and MRI referrals start at £70 and £290 respectively

Baildon Chiropractic has instituted a cancellation policy which all patients will have signed and agreed to. If, for whatever reason, a patient needs to cancel or reschedule to another day with less than 18 hours' notice, the cost of the treatment will be incurred.

Those patients wanting to book an appointment after a long absence or presenting with a new problem need not worry about a reassessment charge. It will come under the a standard treatment session.


So if you or anyone you know might benefit from chiropractic treatment then give us a call now and book that appointment

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