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"I first saw Alan some 3 months ago. At that time, my GP had assessed me as suffering from Sciatica and had given me some strong pain killers. I called his office the day after seeing the GP and managed to get an appointment to see him later the same day, he gave a much more specific assessment in terms of a lower disc budge and piriformis syndrome.


Over the last three months he has guided me through various stages covering immediate pain relief techniques, repair and I am now in the strengthening and final recovery stage. When I first sustained my injury, the pain was unbearable and I was not sleeping and taking 12 paracetamol tablets a day. Within a month I was able to have a whole day without any pain relief tablets.


He has been able to fit the appointments around my work schedule and this has helped greatly. I went running again for the first time last week after 3 long months. I would have no hesitation recommending Alan to other back pain sufferers."

Deborah Wilkinson,

Executive assistant, Deloitte, UK

"Alan is a very professional, nice-natured, experienced Chiropractor who has helped me out tremendously from being in great pain (due to a trapped nerve in neck and lower back pain) to being pain-free and showing me all the techniques to maintain good health and posture. I highly recommend Alan."

Rhys Catterall,

Technical Analyst at Deloitte UK

"​Alan is definitely the man to go to if you have back or joint problems. He has helped me on the road to repair with my initial injury which left me smiling all the way home as I was at the stage where I could not walk properly prior to the treatment. I have had a number of issues since then due to motorbike accidents and sports injuries and could not recommend Alan's Chiropractic services any higher. Thanks."

Robert Dick,

Elite Veteran Marathon Runner

"​Having run for a good number of years I thought I'd return to the marathon after nearly a twenty year absence with the goal of getting under three hours. In the first four years of trying I kept on picking up minor injuries which meant my training suffered. I took on Alan's services in year five with regular visits through my six month training period.His approach was holistic working mainly on bone alignment and manipulation during our sessions as well as providing leg stability and strengthening exercises for me to work on at home. I found Alan to be very professional, methodical and informative in his approach designing a treatment programme to suit. As a result I managed to keep to my training schedule without sustaining any injuries and successfully completed the London marathon in 2hours 58minutes. As marathons go I've never felt any better physically as I did when I completed this marathon. I would recommend Alan's approach to anyone wishing to achieve their goal no matter what sport."

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