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Have You Taken The Posture Quiz?

Posture, good or bad, is always at the centre of what chiropractors are looking at in order to find out why we have the problems we are having. Alan Binns, a chiropractor in the Bradford area knows all too well the role that posture plays in our health:

'Our posture is a visual record of our life stories. Every knock, bump, scrape, fall, injury, lifestyle and frequent habits affect us in very subtle ways, we adapt to those changes and sometimes that change becomes too much for the body to bare.'

So, what are Chiropractors actually looking for?

If you look in the mirror, there's a little check list you could go through to assess your own posture, but first you need to close your eyes, kick out your feet, shake out your hands and roll your shoulders back and forth a couple of times and then relax, open your eyes and don't move or react to what you find:

1) Look at the tips of both ears, are they in a straight line?

2) Without moving your head, open your jaw as wide as you can, does it deviate one way or the other?

3) Look at the top of each of your shoulders, are they level?

4) Look at the palms of your hands, is one turned out more than the other?

5) Put your hands on your hips, is one side of the pelvis higher or lower than the other?

6) Look at your knee caps (assuming you can see them), so one pointing away from the centre whilst the other looks straight ahead.

7) Lastly, look at your feet, is one pointing out more than the other? Is one foot in front of the other?

What does all that mean? Each and every part gives away a little clue to the problems you are having, not only that, they give also can give us clues to the problems we don't have yet.

If you've gone through the check list and want to know about the solutions, then email Alan at: and he will get back to you straight away.


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